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Do you know the Best 5 NBA Players of all time? We have determined our own ranking for you. In this ranking, we included all players in NBA history in this ranking. We have listed the Best 5 NBA Players as follows :

Best 5 NBA Players

Do you know the Best 5 NBA Players of all time? We have determined our own ranking for you. In this ranking, we included all players in NBA history in this ranking. We have listed the Best 5 NBA Players as follows :

5. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant | Best 5 NBA Players

KOBE BRYANT has a name loved by everyone in the 5th rank of our Best 5 NBA Players list. Kobe Bryant, nicknamed Black Mamba, who passed away in a helicopter accident in 2020, has had numerous successes in his career, which he started in the footsteps of Michael Jordan. Bryant, who moved directly from high school to the NBA and was selected by Charlotte Hornets in the first round in 1996, 13th place, was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for the Vlade Divac and played here only during his career. Combining his impeccable on-court leadership with stubborn basketball, Black Mamba won five NBA titles. Bryant, who won the regular season MVP awards once and the finals MVP twice, won the Oscar for best short animation in 2018 with his short animation named Dear Basketball.
I also recommend reading about Kobe Bryant’s awesome career.


4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | Best 5 NBA Players

We came to the 4th name of our Best 5 NBA Players list. This name is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar … Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who won the Sky Hook shot to basketball, is one of the most iconic players in NBA history. One of the best centers of all time, the player had a unique relationship with college coach John Wooden, who has a very important place not only in his career but also in his life. The two managed to deliver a strong message with their approach to college basketball during the heat of racism in the US. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who also wrote a book titled “Coach Wooden and Me: Our-50 Year” in which he describes his experiences with Legend Wooden, won six NBA championships. Abdul-Jabbar won six regular season and two finals MVP awards, was named All-Star 19 times and made his name in the Hall of Fame in 1995.


3. Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson | Best 5 NBA Players

The third name of our Best 5 NBA Players list is Magic Johnson, who impresses with his game intelligence. Johnson, who received the nickname “Magic” thanks to his actions and game intelligence during the match, has 5 NBA championships and 3 MVP awards. The American basketball player, who shed a sweat for 13 years in the Los Angeles Lakers, was drafted by the NBA club Lakers in 1979, after having championships in high school and college. In his first year in the NBA, Johnson won the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award and won 4 more championships in the 1980s when he was most active. After announcing that he had signed a contract with the HIV team, he retired in an unexpected decision in 1991, but won the All-Star MVP Award and returned to the All-Star in 1992. After the protests, he said hello to a permanent retirement life.


2. LeBron James

LeBron James | Best 5 NBA Players

We came to 2nd place on our Best 5 NBA Players list. Meanwhile, there is LeBron James, who we are watching with admiration. The 35-year-old player has 2 NBA titles with the Miami Heat and 1 NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, making an unforgettable comeback. Serving as short forward and long forward, James has 4 times NBA MVP, 3 times NBA Finals MVP Award, 2 times Olympic gold medal, 1 time NBA Score King and NBA Rookie of the Year Award. With his active basketball career, many authorities today predict that he may become the best basketball player of all time towards the end of his career.

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan | Best 5 NBA Players

Yes, dear NBA fans, we came to the first place on our list. On our list of the Best 5 NBA Players, Michael Jordan is in the first place: his obsession with winning, the legends he created in his time, the point he brought number 23 for future generations, Flu Game, his start in baseball and everything he has lived in the Bulls … Michael Jordan, NBA history He is one of those special names who managed to take his own story to a completely different point. But what makes him the best in history is that he shows that he hates losing every second he plays basketball. With countless game stories that reveal this, Air Jordan won six NBA titles, and was named finals MVP for all of these titles. When the Detroit Pistons set the “Jordan Rules” to stop him, MJ, who could do anything against even the toughest defenses, was a player you would never want to be an opponent.


We have listed the Top 5 NBA Players for you, dear NBA fans. If you think we have chosen these players wrong, you can come to the comment section below and specify your comment from there. Also, if you are interested in NBA, don’t forget to follow our page, DBS Sport. I wish you all a happy and happy NBA day.

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Dallas Mavericks

JJ Redick not yet in Dallas: “He should take his time”

JJ Redick not yet in Dallas: "He should take his time"

The Dallas Mavericks grabbed a small deal with New Orleans JJ Redick. The sniper is injured, however, it remains unclear when the veteran can intervene.

As the Mavs announced, JJ Redick is not yet with the team, but is doing his rehab individually after Redick received conservative treatment on the heel after the All-Star Break.

Dallas had acquired the 36-year-old as a package with ex-Bamberg’s Nicolo Melli from New Orleans, in return the forwards James Johnson and Wesley Iwundu as well as a second round pick and some cash in the Big Easy changed.

“We want to make sure the heel is at 100 percent,” said Mavs GM Donnie Nelson. “He should take his time and if he feels comfortable, he can come to Dallas and be integrated.” Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said the heel was making progress but he didn’t know when Redick would join the team.

Dallas sees JJ Redick as an important piece of the puzzle for the playoffs. The Shooting Guard has played more playoff games (110) than the rest of the Mavs roster. Over the season, Redick posted an average of 8.7 points with a three-way quota of around 36 percent.

However, the trade came as a bit of a surprise, with many anticipating a buyout from Redick. The Brooklyn Nets would have been the favorite, also because the Shooting Guard lives with his family in Brooklyn.

“He would have liked to have chosen his team himself, but it didn’t turn out that way,” said Nelson. “He told me that Luka (Doncic, editor’s note) was one of his favorite players and Luka has already written with him. Dirk (Nowitzki, editor’s note) has already done that too. I think that JJ is happy to be in Dallas. “

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Charlotte Hornets

LeBron James and Dennis Schröder spoil LaMelo Ball’s return to Los Angeles – Lakers drag Hornets away late

LeBron James and Dennis Schröder spoil LaMelo Ball's return to Los Angeles - Lakers drag Hornets away late

Against the Charlotte Hornets, LeBron James was clearly the best player on the field and, with the energetic support of Dennis Schröder, carried the Los Angeles Lakers to a 116-105 victory. LaMelo Ball impressed in his hometown.

Los Angeles Lakers (28-13) – Charlotte Hornets (20-20) 116: 105

James started with 13 points (6/7 FG) in the first quarter and always hit important throws when the Hornets threatened to equalize or to take the lead. The MVP candidate finished the game with 37 points (14/22 FG), 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Dennis Schröder fulfilled his role as a secondary playmaker well with 22 points (9/19 FG) and 7 assists. In addition, Kyle Kuzma and Talen Horton-Tucker each contributed 12 points from the bench.

LaMelo Ball held up well with 26 points (10/18 FG), 5 rebounds and 7 assists (but 6 turnovers), the Hornets lacked points, especially from Gordon Hayward (7), but the forward distributed 10 assists and collected 9 rebounds . Terry Rozier got 20 points and P.J. Washington impressed as a small ball center with 18, 8 rebounds and 4 blocks.

Alex Caruso (5) was available to the Lakers again after his concussion, and Lakers coach Frank Vogel, without Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol, relied on Damian Jones as the center again. However, like Charlotte, L.A. later switched to smaller lineups, neither Jones nor Cody Zeller played more than 13 minutes.

With the victory and the simultaneous defeat of the Phoenix Suns, the Lakers are back in second place in the Western Conference. Charlotte ranks seventh in the east.

Lakers and Hornets play smallball

Both teams pushed the pace at the beginning of the game and scored again and again in the fast break, L.A. pulled away at 21:14. LeBron James (13) and Dennis Schröder (10) together scored 23 of the 31 Lakers points in the first quarter.

The high pace continued in the second quarter, but the Hornets lost control several times and allowed the Lakers with wild turnover (19:12 in total) a 14-2 run including a 51:33 lead in the middle of the section. Charlotte responded with seven unanswered points when James took a short break, but the King came back with five quick points before the break at halftime score of 60:45.

The Hornets came out of the cabin well and, with the help of a triplet from Rozier, were seven points behind. After a break, Charlotte extended his run with a triple from Ball to 16: 4 and leveled the game shortly afterwards. James Borrego waived starting center Cody Zeller and instead let P.J. Washington, Miles Bridges and Gordon Hayward play long distances in the front court, whereby the Hornets won the third section with 34:23 and went into the final section with only -4.

In the fourth quarter, the Lakers gained some distance with a 10-0 run and were able to hold this lead until the end, the Hornets did not get any closer than 7 points. Charlotte has three away games ahead of her with the Clippers, Spurs and Rockets. The Lakers receive the hot Hawks on Saturday afternoon, North American time.

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New York Knicks

Knicks legend Patrick Ewing has to identify himself: “Thought that was my hall”

Knicks legend Patrick Ewing has to identify himself: "Thought that was my hall"

Patrick Ewing is undoubtedly one of the most famous alumni of the New York Knicks, but on his return to the venerable Madison Square Garden, the former star of the NBA team had to identify himself.

“I thought that was my hall,” said the 58-year-old: “It’s terrible that I’m stopped, spoken to and asked for ID.”

Patrick Ewing was the coach of Georgetown Hoyas in New York, his college team beat the Villanova Wildcats 72:71. But after the game Ewing was occupied with something completely different. “Everyone in this arena has to fucking know who I am. But I’m being stopped, I can’t move freely. I just thought, ‘What the hell is going on? Is this really Madison Square Garden?'” Ewing said.

The former center played for the Knicks for 15 years and was elected all-star eleven times. He was twice in the finals with the franchise (1994, 1999), his jersey number 33 has not been awarded since 2003. So he wanted to get in touch with James Dolan, Knicks owner and manager of Madison Square Garden. “I guess I’ll have to call Mr. Dolan and ask, ‘Jesus, is my number under the roof or what?'”

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