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Dallas Mavericks

JJ Redick not yet in Dallas: “He should take his time”

JJ Redick not yet in Dallas: "He should take his time"

The Dallas Mavericks grabbed a small deal with New Orleans JJ Redick. The sniper is injured, however, it remains unclear when the veteran can intervene.

As the Mavs announced, JJ Redick is not yet with the team, but is doing his rehab individually after Redick received conservative treatment on the heel after the All-Star Break.

Dallas had acquired the 36-year-old as a package with ex-Bamberg’s Nicolo Melli from New Orleans, in return the forwards James Johnson and Wesley Iwundu as well as a second round pick and some cash in the Big Easy changed.

“We want to make sure the heel is at 100 percent,” said Mavs GM Donnie Nelson. “He should take his time and if he feels comfortable, he can come to Dallas and be integrated.” Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said the heel was making progress but he didn’t know when Redick would join the team.

Dallas sees JJ Redick as an important piece of the puzzle for the playoffs. The Shooting Guard has played more playoff games (110) than the rest of the Mavs roster. Over the season, Redick posted an average of 8.7 points with a three-way quota of around 36 percent.

However, the trade came as a bit of a surprise, with many anticipating a buyout from Redick. The Brooklyn Nets would have been the favorite, also because the Shooting Guard lives with his family in Brooklyn.

“He would have liked to have chosen his team himself, but it didn’t turn out that way,” said Nelson. “He told me that Luka (Doncic, editor’s note) was one of his favorite players and Luka has already written with him. Dirk (Nowitzki, editor’s note) has already done that too. I think that JJ is happy to be in Dallas. “

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Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks value the option of putting Porzingis on the market

The Mavericks value the option of putting Porzingis on the market

The pair formed by Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis could soon be broken by the departure of the Latvian player’s Mavericks. The franchise is willing to put the pivot on the market to try to strengthen its staff. Those from Dallas are very active and the former Sevilla player is one of the most valuable pieces they have. However, the great friendship between the two stars of the team could make the operation difficult.

As reported by Bleacher Report, the Mavericks are considering that option as they have begun to consider whether the 25-year-old, 2.21-meter center can really support Doncic as the second option in a team that aspires to the ring. For now, the team is ninth in the Western Conference with a record of 14-15.

Already in summer they put the poster available “to all the players who were not named Luka,” said a person with knowledge of Dallas’ intentions. Then there was speculation with the arrival of Bradley Beal and Rudy Gobert, but ultimately there were no big moves in Dallas. Now, it seems that there are urgencies to strengthen the team.

In Dallas Mavericks they have doubts about Porzingis defensive ability and, above all, they distrust his constant physical problems, although they have not prevented him from averaging 20.5 points and 8.2 rebounds in the 17 games he has played so far this season after his return from meniscus surgery that postponed its premiere this year until January.

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Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic, the only NBA among the 100 most influential people in the world

Luka Doncic, the only NBA among the 100 most influential people in the world

Luka Doncic has made it clear that he is going to be one of the great dominators of the NBA for years to come. He only remains to know where the ceiling of him that is impossible to glimpse today will be located. But he has also shown that his personality is a player capable of enormously influencing society. And that is what the prestigious Time magazine has valued by including him in the select club of the 100 most influential people in the world in the short-term future.

Time has released a list of 100 personalities who, according to them, will be the true ‘influencers’ in the very near future, dividing the choice into artists, phenomena, leaders, advocates and innovators. Doncic is included among the phenomena (although he could be in any group), due to the explosion of his image in the NBA that like a gigantic shock wave has reached every corner of the planet.

Luka Doncic is not the only athlete among the 100 chosen, but he is the only player in the NBA, which may give an idea, not just of what the Slovenian has achieved, but of what he still has to achieve. For many, he will be the image of the League shortly. The Mavs player shares honor among the 100 most influential with other promises / realities of world sport such as athlete Sydney McLaughlin, Manchester United soccer player Marcus Rashford, WNBA player Renee Montgomery or quarterback Trevor Lawrence of which They say it will be number 1 in the next NFL Draft.

Of course, the list is full of politicians, community leaders, personalities from economics, science, medicine, or from the business world. People who, according to Time, will create a trend in a short time, if they are not already doing it, and will be the ones who in some way set the pace of our society. And among them, Doncic stands out.

To celebrate the list of the 100 most influential in the world in the future, Time also published a text for each protagonist written by a celebrity. So about McLaughlin, for example, wrote Allyson Felix, by Rashford Lewis Hamilton, and in the case of other categories, by Charli D’Amelio Jennifer Lopez, by Ana de Armas, the only Spanish personality on the list, Jamie Lee Curtis or Luke Combs Garth Brooks. About Luka Doncic wrote his teammate on the Mavs, Boban Marjanovic. Three paragraphs that summarize it all:

“You can’t relax on the court with Luka Doncic. Even if you’re not unmarked, he can do magic at any moment, throwing a perfect pass that somehow lands in your hands. In every game, he debuts a new move. It’s crazy. .

He is only 21 years old, but he has already made the NBA First Team and is ready to win many more awards. I see the competitive spirit in him off the court: even playing Parcheesi, he wants to win. But he always wins while he smiles.

I see the influence he has on people. Before the pandemic, kids packed stadiums and hotels with teams in hopes of seeing it. And he always had time to sign autographs, to share that Luka magic with the world. “

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Dallas Mavericks

Stephen Curry thrilled in duel against Dallas Mavericks: “He was never better”

Stephen Curry thrilled in duel against Dallas Mavericks: "He was never better"

Stephen Curry made a gala performance when his Golden State Warriors were defeated by the Dallas Mavericks with 57 points. Afterwards, not only his head coach raved about the two-time MVP.

Teammate Kent Bazemore said after the 132-134 defeat, in which Curry sank eleven of 19 threesomes, among other things, that the 32-year-old is currently the “best player in the sport”, and his opponent Luka Doncic was also impressed: “Everybody Litter he took I thought he was going in. “


Stephen Curry put on 30 points in the first half alone, a total of 19/31 throws from the field. Curry had previously set a new career record of 62 points this season. It was the 16th game in his career in which he put ten threes or more in the basket.

Although the Warriors lost the game against Dallas, Curry’s head coach Steve Kerr was delighted: “Simply extraordinary,” said Kerr of his superstar’s performance.

“It was ridiculous what throws he hit. The difficulty. The ease with which he hit them. He’s never been better. We’re talking about a two-time MVP and three-time champion. I’ve never seen him like this. He just looks so strong. He’s always been an incredible shooter, but he looks stronger, he gets to the basket better. And the throwing is hard to put into words. “

Rick Carlisle raves about Luka Doncic: Like Larry Bird

Stephen Curry almost completely missed the previous season. In the current season he has his highest point average since the second MVP season (15/16): Currently there are 28.2 points on average with odds of 47.1 percent from the field and 41.3 percent from the triple line. After the defeat in Dallas, the Warriors have a 12-11 record and are 8th in the Western Conference.

The fact that Golden State lost in Dallas was mainly due to Luka Doncic, who was as strong as Curry himself with 42 points and 11 assists. His head coach Rick Carlisle was not surprised that the 21-year-old let Curry go about it . “The basketball court is his stage,” said Carlisle. “People like him – and I’ve seen Larry Bird and Reggie Miller – when on the other hand someone who takes their game to a level like Curry does today, you feel an obligation to go along. You dig deeper. You find you Way to catch up. And that’s exactly what he did today. Like Bird and Miller. “

Stephen Curry also recognized Doncic’s strong performance. “His eyes lit up a bit. He hit strong throws today,” said Curry. “He’s just very developed. He’s been showing that since his rookie year and it’s only getting better. And who knows where the limit is for him?”

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