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Golden State Warriors

The NBA’s best 3-pointer is a Curry and not Stephen

The NBA's best 3-pointer is a Curry and not Stephen

The NBA’s best 3-pointer is a Curry and not Stephen. Stephen Curry added the seventeenth game of his career with at least 10 triples. A savagery that, along with other amazing data, credits him as the best tripler in history and someone who changed the game of basketball. However, this season, the NBA’s 3-pointer leader is a Curry and it’s not him. It’s about his brother Seth.

The 18-foot, 30-year-old shooting guard is signing a historic course with the Sixers, who he came to from Mavericks who now yearn for his marksmanship. He has a 50.67% percentage on triples. Nobody is currently the best in the League and, if the season ends like this, it would be the ninth best record ever. Far, yes, of the 53.64% established by Kyle Korver in the 2009-10 academic year. Of the eight best brands, three correspond to Steve Kerr.

The little Curry has been in the NBA for seven seasons and has gone through seven teams: Grizzlies, Cavaliers, Suns, Kings, Mavericks in two stages, Blazers and Sixers. In his 274 games in the league he has a percentage of 44.73% in triples. In the history of the competition he only surpasses the mentioned Kerr with 45.40% throughout his career. Behind them, Hubert Davis (44.09%), Drazen Petrovic, who would be fourth with 43.74%, and a little further behind would be the oldest of the Curry with 43.45%. Legendary shooters like Ray Allen and Reggie Miller stay at 40.02% and 39.47%, respectively.

Seth is averaging 12.7 points this season and is a key player for the Sixers coming off the bench. He does it with 50.3% on field shots, a sensational 50.6% on 3s and 100% on free throws after hitting the 30 that he has thrown. He could be the first player in NBA history to finish a season with 50/50/100 on pitches.

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Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets convince at the Golden State Warriors: “This is how we can sweep teams out of the hall”

Brooklyn Nets convince at the Golden State Warriors: "This is how we can sweep teams out of the hall"

The Brooklyn Nets flexed their muscles at the Golden State Warriors and won with a sovereign 134: 117. Kevin Durant had fun on his first return to his old place of work, also because the Nets finally played concentrated for over 48 minutes.

“It was cool. We played a good game and the atmosphere has been good all day,” said Durant, who put up 20 points, after the game. The Warriors also honored the two-time Finals MVP with a one-minute tribute video, which is to be played again when fans are allowed in the Chase Center again.

Durant thought it was a great gesture. “I think about those moments every day. My time at Golden State was so much fun and I learned so much about basketball here,” added KD.

The forward now brings his knowledge to the Nets and after three defeats in the last four games they finally made a good game again at the Dubs. James Harden put on 19 points and 16 assists as playmaker, Kyrie Irving was the new shooting guard with 23 points top scorer.

“They are all so talented and love the game,” said coach Steve Nash. “We still have a lot of work to do, especially on the defensive, but I think we made a step forward in that regard today.”

Golden State Warriors see Brooklyn Nets as favorites in the east

The extent to which the defense had an influence on the poor shooting of the Warriors (9/34 from Downtown) remains to be seen, but Brooklyn never slept through the start and celebrated one of their rare blowout victories. “When we play defense, we can blow teams out of the hall,” said the nominal center Bruce Brown, who is just 1.93 meters tall.

The real fiver was Durant, who did the same with the Warriors every now and then. Warriors star Draymond Green then called the Nets the best team in the East and coach Steve Kerr sees it similarly. “If you don’t have a good plan for how to attack them, then you have a big problem because they just overwhelm you with their talent.”

The Brooklyn Nets are still in third place in the east with a balance of 16-12, but due to the blunder of the Philadelphia 76ers, the gap to the top is only 2.5 games. For Brooklyn, the game in Golden State was the beginning of a West Coast trip, now there are away games in Phoenix, Sacramento and against both L.A. teams.

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Dallas Mavericks

Stephen Curry thrilled in duel against Dallas Mavericks: “He was never better”

Stephen Curry thrilled in duel against Dallas Mavericks: "He was never better"

Stephen Curry made a gala performance when his Golden State Warriors were defeated by the Dallas Mavericks with 57 points. Afterwards, not only his head coach raved about the two-time MVP.

Teammate Kent Bazemore said after the 132-134 defeat, in which Curry sank eleven of 19 threesomes, among other things, that the 32-year-old is currently the “best player in the sport”, and his opponent Luka Doncic was also impressed: “Everybody Litter he took I thought he was going in. “


Stephen Curry put on 30 points in the first half alone, a total of 19/31 throws from the field. Curry had previously set a new career record of 62 points this season. It was the 16th game in his career in which he put ten threes or more in the basket.

Although the Warriors lost the game against Dallas, Curry’s head coach Steve Kerr was delighted: “Simply extraordinary,” said Kerr of his superstar’s performance.

“It was ridiculous what throws he hit. The difficulty. The ease with which he hit them. He’s never been better. We’re talking about a two-time MVP and three-time champion. I’ve never seen him like this. He just looks so strong. He’s always been an incredible shooter, but he looks stronger, he gets to the basket better. And the throwing is hard to put into words. “

Rick Carlisle raves about Luka Doncic: Like Larry Bird

Stephen Curry almost completely missed the previous season. In the current season he has his highest point average since the second MVP season (15/16): Currently there are 28.2 points on average with odds of 47.1 percent from the field and 41.3 percent from the triple line. After the defeat in Dallas, the Warriors have a 12-11 record and are 8th in the Western Conference.

The fact that Golden State lost in Dallas was mainly due to Luka Doncic, who was as strong as Curry himself with 42 points and 11 assists. His head coach Rick Carlisle was not surprised that the 21-year-old let Curry go about it . “The basketball court is his stage,” said Carlisle. “People like him – and I’ve seen Larry Bird and Reggie Miller – when on the other hand someone who takes their game to a level like Curry does today, you feel an obligation to go along. You dig deeper. You find you Way to catch up. And that’s exactly what he did today. Like Bird and Miller. “

Stephen Curry also recognized Doncic’s strong performance. “His eyes lit up a bit. He hit strong throws today,” said Curry. “He’s just very developed. He’s been showing that since his rookie year and it’s only getting better. And who knows where the limit is for him?”

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Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry begins to tire: “This will never be the one-player show”

Stephen Curry begins to tire: "This will never be the one-player show"

One more night, Stephen Curry had a remarkable performance but the Warriors lost to the Suns by a resounding 114-93. The point guard scored 27 points with 5/10 in triples and was the only sustenance of his team. Klay Thompson’s Achilles tendon tear was devastating. He will miss the entire season, the second in a row he will be out, and the star of the team begins to tire of the situation and warns: “This will never be a one-player show. You can’t win like this in this League. We have to be able to solve that. “

In the loss to the Suns, between Draymond Green, Kevon Looney and Kelly Oubre Jr, who was facing his ex, they made 3/20 shooting from the field, including 0/6 from the triple. His offensive contribution was limited to eight points between the three. Poor for those who are important pieces of the team.

The Golden State Warriors are 10-9 and haven’t won three games in a row so far this season. “There are three to four minutes in which we don’t play with the right intentions,” Stephen Curry analyzed on ESPN. “We can’t make the same mistakes over and over and over and we just have to come up with the right intentions so that at some point everything clicks and we understand what we’re trying to do.”

The drift of the Warriors, ninth in the Western Conference, has sparked speculation about whether Stephen Curry should request the transfer, although he has always been committed to the franchise, the only one he has played for in the NBA. He averages 27.7 points, 6.1 assists and 5.5 rebounds.

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